Dress Code

2022-23 Gray Middle School Dress Code

Do Wear:

•    A shirt or equivalent (such as a jersey, polo, sweatshirt, or hooded sweatshirt) that covers all undergarments as well as the student’s full front, back, and sides under the arms
•    Pants, jeans, or equivalent (such as a skirt, shorts, dress, or sweats) that fully covers all undergarments and are at least 3 inches above the knee or longer. Tears/rips/holes are sufficiently covered if 3 inches or above from knee. 
•    Shoes with closed toes, soles/heels less than 2 inches high, and backs or heel straps.  Athletic shoes shall be worn for PE. 
•    Optional items such as a belt that can be safely secured and fully looped through pants, and/or medical or cloth face masks.

Do not wear:

•    Images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized group
•    Images or language containing hate speech or profanity
•    Any references to drugs or alcohol
•    Images or language referring to violence, weapons, or gang activity
•    Vulgar language or images relating to or suggesting sexual activities
•    Pants with rips/tears higher than 3 inches above the knee
•    Hats or hoods while in the building 
•    Accessories that could be considered dangerous, used as a weapon, or a distraction to the learning of others
•    Pajamas or blankets

Staff Responses to Dress Code Violations

•    Students will be asked by a staff member to adhere to the dress code.
•    If a student fixes the problem by borrowing clothes from the school, another student, or calls home for a change of clothes, no other actions will be taken. Student will return to class upon fixing the problem.
•    Upon refusal to fix a dress code violation, disciplinary actions will be taken in accordance with school district discipline policies. 


Updated: 8/30/2022