Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian,  

Technology is a part of our world, both at home and school. At Gray Middle School we are fortunate to have a plethora of technology which allows us to address the educational needs of our students. 

While we recognize that cell phones are a part of our everyday lives, they are not a necessary requirement to meet curricular outcomes. In fact, cell phones are often a distraction to our students’ ability to engage in their learning. To maintain an optimal learning environment for all students and to ensure safety and limit distractions, we request your support as we curtail the student use of cell phones and other personal devices at Gray Middle School. Cell phones/air pods/personal devices must remain in lockers or book bags from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45p.m. We strongly encourage families to make plans with their children prior to the beginning of the school day for after-school plans. Our school cell phone policy applies to our after-school programs as well.  

In the case of a family emergency, the office staff will certainly give your child a message or have them return your call. Health concerns can be addressed using the telephone in the nurse’s office. We expect all students to comply with this policy to support learning and we will do our best to help our children understand the need for this policy. Thank you in advance for your partnership with our school and your continued support to provide a safe and productive learning environment that limits distractions for all students. Please see the next page for further understanding of our school personal device policy. 


Amber Samuels 


Cell Phone and Other Personal Devices General Understanding and Consequences 

  1. Cell phones, air pods and other personal devices must remain off and in the student’s locker or book bag from the start of the student’s school day to the end of the student's school day. 

  1. Students contacting parents: Students will ask teachers before they contact parents when they are ill, upset or require something. Teachers will assist students in contacting home through the classroom or office phone. Upon request, a private space will be provided for students in the office. 

  1. Any device will be used responsibly. When usage is inappropriate, there will be consequences such as temporary confiscation of a personal device, communication with parents, or inaccessibility to technology for learning. Digital citizenship is important. “Doing the right thing online” is expected. 

  1. All cell phones must be charged at home and ready to go. It is not recommended that devices be left at school overnight. Care of the devices remains in the hands of the student, and the school takes no responsibility for repair or replacement of personal devices if they are damaged/lost or stolen by the students or while in possession by the school.  

Possible Consequences 

First offense: Teacher or any school personnel takes the cell phone away until the end of that school day.  

The cell phone/device will be placed in a paper bag with the student's name and ID number. The student will pick up the phone from the attendance office window at the end of the day after signing for the device.  

Second offense: Teacher or any school personnel takes the cell phone and parents must come pick it up at the end of the school day from the main office. 

Further offenses: Parents and teacher(s)/administration will discuss further consequences as needed